General Overview

The enterprise technology center, key auto parts manufacturing and engineering center, key laboratory affirmed by Jiangsu province.
It integrates with technical innovation, training, cooperation& communication, focusing on basic research, application, new products development, and introduction of new material, new technology and new equipment.

Key auto parts manufacturing and engineering center
The enterprise technology center
Key laboratory

Under the leadship of the technical committee organized by technical director, 180 technicians are functionally divided into five sections: new product development Ⅰ,new product development Ⅱ, project team, standard management and technology research.

As the key high-tech enterprise of National Torch Plan, it has undertaken a number of national and provincial science and technology projects and achieved a number of scientific and technological innovation. Among them,

  • National Torch Plan project
    new multi-cylinder outboard crankshaft assembly,
    Less or no machining precision crankshaft assembly.
  • National Spark Program project
    precision double-cylinder water-cooled motorcycle crankshaft assembly,
    2V60M one-piece crankshaft.
  • GY
    was recognized as the National AAAA Grade Standardization Good-Behavior Enterprise,
    Jiangsu province credit management enterprise.
  • WON
    6 Jiangsu provincial new high-tech products,
    14 Taizhou municipal new high-tech products.
  • WON
    Jiangsu provincial science and technology progress award twice,
    Taizhou science and technology progress award 4 times.
  • WON
    Jiangsu innovative enterprise,
    Top 10 new high-tech enterprise in Taizhou.
    111 patents,
    including 15 invention patents.

Technology research orientation

  • Cooperation with Honda, YAMAHA, SUZUKI, Piaggio and other transnational enterprises, it develops large displacement motorcycle crankshafts.
  • Cooperation with Emerson, Danfoss and other transnational enterprises, it develops scroll compressor eccentric shafts.
  • Cooperation with Honda, YAMAHA, Mercury, Polaris,it develops outboard and ATV crankshafts.
  • Based on a high-end customers, it develops flanges and shaft parts for autos.
  • It devotes to developing UAV, snowmobile and other special crankshafts.
  • It carries out the technology research on material forming and machining to improve products performance.
  • It improves and changes production layout, technology, equipment and technique to improve quality, efficiency and cost reduction.
  • Triggered by high precision, high efficiency and automation, it takes part in introduction of advanced manufacturing, testing and equipment.
  • Responsible for patent declaration and attaining independent intellectual property rights, responsible for the commercialization of research and development results.

R&D capability

Design software Advanced manufacturing equipment

measuring&testing capability

Testing and experiment center is equipped with more than 20 advanced testing equipment imported from Germany, USA and Japan.

  • Imaging instrument
  • Measuring room
  • CMM
  • Roughness measuring instrument
  • Dynamic balance machine
  • Cylindricity tester

measuring&testing capability

Technical support and partners