Business unit---Shafts: Since 2009,Gangyang, with an annual capacity of 15Million pieces, has become a large small- power crankshaft manufacturer in the world, covering 70% market share in high level product market. It has 5 categories of shafts such as motorcycle crankshaft, eccentric shaft for air compressors, multi-use engine crankshaft, special crankshaft and flange shafts for cars. The company has been the global supplier for the international famous companies, like Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, BMW, Piaggio, Hero, TVS, Bajaj, Fuji Robin, Kohler, MOTO GUZZI, Emerson, Danfoss, etc. The company is also the strategical supplier for domestic top companies, such as Dachangjiang, Wuyang Honda, Sundrio Honda, Jianshe YAMAHA, Zongshen, Longxin, Lifan, Dayang, Chunfeng, etc. Its products, over 30% of the total sales, are exported to more than 20 countries, including USA, Japan, German, Italy, India, Brazil, Vietnam, Indonesia,Malaysia,Pakistan.

Auto parts

Business unit---Auto parts: With an annual capacity of 2Million steering systems, including power steering, EPS, Full hydraulic steering gear, chassis parts for autos and electronic controllers. The company becomes a famous steering system supplier in China and one of the enterprises with different models of products, with whole production processes and covers the various areas. Our products are exported to more than 10 countries, including USA, Russia, and India.

Aluminum parts

Business unit---Aluminum parts: With an annual capacity of 10000 tons aluminum casting parts. It is the major aluminum casting parts production base in East China. Our products serve fields as engine crankcases, gear boxes, electric power fittings, compressors, universal tools. The company is the major supplier for company like Emerson, Honda, Isuzu, Yamaha, Wanliyang, Chunfeng, Linhai, Chunxing,etc.

Agricultural equipment

Business unit---Agricultural equipment: The company supply products used for irrigation, drip irrigation , micro-irrigation and fire-fighting, and has it’s own famous brand“SHIYU”.