General Overview

Enterprise technology center affirmed by Jiangsu province, Jiangsu automotive electronic control hydraulic steering system engineering technology research center, Jiangsu enterprise graduate workstation and municipal key lab.

Under the leadship of the technical committee , organized by technical director, 78 professional technicians are functionally divided into seven sections: power steering system R&D , EPS R&D, ECU controller R&D, full hydraulic pressure steering system R&D, fitting parts R&D, cooperation department and product testing center.
As the key high-tech enterprise,it has undertaken a number of national and provincial science and technology projects and achieved a number of scientific and technological innovation. Among them,

  • National Torch Plan project
    GY130 heavy-duty vehicle power steering assembly,
    steering assembly with safety valve device,
    EPS for new energy vehicle.
  • GY
    undertook 1 Jiangsu provincial major scientific and technological achievement commercialization project,
    1 Taizhou municipal scientific and technological achievement commercialization project.
  • GY
    was recognized as the National AAA Grade Standardization Good-Behavior Enterprise,
    Jiangsu province quality AAA Grade enterprise,
    Jiangsu Province intellectual property model enterprise.
  • WON
    16 Jiangsu provincial new high-tech products,
    1 Jiangsu famous brand product.
  • WON
    1 Jiangsu provincial science and technology progress award,
    3 Taizhou municipal science and technology progress awards.
  • WON
    private scientific and technological enterprise in Jiangsu,
    Taizhou innovative enterprise.
    68 national patents,
    including 8 invention patents.

Technology research orientation

  • It introduced domestic advanced steering system assembly line, with capabilities of automatic assembling, line inspection, poka-yoke and data transmission and analysis.
  • The rotary valve structure guarantees high sensitivity, low noise, stability at high speed and light at low speed, after 200000 times high-load& low temperature fatigue test.
  • Electro hydraulic valve controlled steering system (ECHPS)has many advantages like high safety, low power consumption, high cost-effective, long life, which can solve the problem of waving at high speed driving.
  • For high level steering gear, it adapts leading technologies, such as through-structure, safe valve, grinding gear, low noise with double-edges valve, high speed hand feeling improvement and continuous technologies.
  • By a series of innovative design patents, it improved the machining precision and lowed down the working noise effectively and solved the problem of turning failure at low speed, which covers 50cc to 1000 cc.
  • It adopted modular design for the development of electric steering column products. It can meet customers’ quick changing requirements in very short time by standardizing the working processes.
  • All the products with load fatigue property need to be studied by CAE. it uses high-strength steel material for the products, with perfect structure design; after the machining, all the parts need to do some tests to meet the safety requirement at the lowest weight.
  • By introducing advanced technology from foreign countries, it developed some torque transducers successfully, with advantages as long working life, strong anti-interference ability, good linearity and little space. Now these products are sold to market and get very positive feedback.

R&D capability

Design software Advanced manufacturing equipment

measuring&testing capability

Testing and experiment center is equipped with more than 20 advanced testing equipment imported from Germany, USA and Japan.

  • Gear checking machine
  • Line inspection room
  • Products inspection room
  • ECU inspection line
  • ECU aging tester
  • Full hydraulic steering gear testing bench
  • Precision profile checking machine from Japan
  • Spectrograph from Germany
  • Products testing room
  • Comprehensive performance testing bench for hydraulic power steering gear
  • EPS fatigue testing bench
  • Running-in & durability testing bench for hydraulic power steering gear
  • Liability testing bench for hydraulic power steering gear
  • Performance testing bench for recirculating ball steering gear
  • Comprehensive performance testing bench for EPS
  • Low-temperature performance testing bench for hydraulic pressure steering gear
  • Testing bench for twist bar stiffness and fatigue strength
  • High-low temperature tester
  • EPS static torsion testing bench
  • Salt-spray machine

measuring&testing capability

Technical support and partners